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No Stud, No Man, No problem! Use Drywall Anchors to Hang Anything

Hey Ladies!

How many of you are constantly asking your dad, brother or husband to hang something for you and it is like pulling teeth to get them to even consider helping? Then when they help, they demand it hang on a stud and not where you want it? That was me for a long time.

My dad is an engineer and both he and my husband are very handy. However I hated to rely on them to hang things for me because once I asked for help, they gave their opinion. Lets be real, I knew EXACTLY what I wanted. I just needed help doing it.

One time, I showed my husband a bathroom inspiration picture with a beautiful wall to wall floating shelf. It had a tutorial and I asked him to build it for me. He did build it, but needless to say it was a HOT MESS because we had different ideas on how it should be done. We are both fairly stubborn so that didn't help.. It ended up with multiple holes in the wall with no shelf. I was back to square one.

So after that fiasco, I began to search how to hang shelves myself. My dad already taught me how to use the drill, but I was not confident in my abilities yet. Then, I stumbled on these Toggle Drywall Anchors. They are SO easy to use. Seriously I mean it. You can do it! I watched so many Youtube videos on how to use dry wall anchors. It was a little obsessive actually, but it paid off. My very first independent home project was hanging shelves over my coffee cart. I freaking love my shelves!


Tools needed for hanging shelves with drywall anchors: Hammer Level Screw Driver

How to use the Drywall Anchors

1.Mark where the anchor is to go; place the tip of the anchor on the spot

2. Using a hammer, drive the straight part of the anchor into the wall

3. Screw the anchor flush to the wall

4. Make sure to use the screw it came with!

Steps to Hanging Shelves with Brackets

  1. Decide the length of your shelf

  2. Grab your brackets, center them on the shelf

  3. If the wood is soft enough, screw in the brackets to the wood

  4. Holding the shelf in the desire spot, place the level on the shelf and and mark the holes on both brackets

  5. Follow steps 1-5 above to use the anchors, make SURE to use the screws that come with the anchor unless you are absolutely sure they are matching screws.

  6. Color the head of the screw to match the brackets, ie using a black sharpie

Y'all, this is really so easy. You can hang anything you want! I've hung a coat hooks, many shelves, and my cast iron skillets! I love love love these anchors.

I hope this helps all ladies who want to decorate their home without help! Happy Hanging!


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